The Graphic Novel
and Manga

EngLt 308
Spring 2018


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Welcome to class website for EngLt 308, a class that studies comics, primarily American comics, but also Japanese manga as well as examples from other cultures. I would love to do more manga in class, but then the course would cost you a great deal more, and as most of you already know, most manga come in lengthy series, which makes assigning them impossible. We will, however, explore manga, discuss some of the prominent series, and talk about the connection between manga and anime.

You can find all of the reading, homework, and writing assignments online here at this website, and you will find all the course handouts on the Canvas site by clicking on the "Files" link.

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the organization of the site; though you will be spending some time on the Canvas discussion board, THIS website is where you will come to check on any changes to the class schedule and for supplementary links.



Class Syllabus:

Though I provide a hard copy of the course syllabus the first day of class, I always have requests for replacement copies. Rather than keep extra copies, I have posted a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat Reader) of the syllabus so that you can replace it should you misplace the original. Simply click on the link below to download or print the syllabus:

Spring 2018 Syllabus


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I check my email frequently, including weekends, and will do my best to respond immediately. I cannot guarantee that an email message you send in the morning will be answered before that evening, but I do try to check in during the day as well—and email is ALWAYS more dependable than voice mail.

Please go to Canvas and provide a current email address. If you do not have an email account, you will need to set one up immediately. The district Gmail system is free to students, and accounts are easy to establish; just click on the link.

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Canvas Link:

This is where you will post your responses; however, the midterm and final essays will be submitted in class as hard copies.

Additionally, you will find all the class handouts as well as the texts I supply on the Canvas site by clicking on the "Files" link.


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