EngWr 300
Fall 2019



Class Web:


MW Assignments—Section 13304

TTh Assignments—Section 13428

Welcome to your College Composition website. You can find all of the reading, homework, and writing assignments online here at this website. If you would rather have an electronic copy of a handout I distributed in class or files of assigned readings, you will find these at the Canvas site.

This website is where you will find your assignments, and any changes in the assignment schedule will always be made here. Links to the assignment schedules for each of my sections are both here, but because of holidays, these schedules do differ slightly. Daily reading assignments as well as essay assignments are located on this website, grades and handouts are on the Canvas site.




Class Syllabi:

Though I provide a hard copy of the course syllabus the first day of class, I always have requests for replacement copies. Rather than keep extra copies, I have posted a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat Reader) of the syllabus for both sections so that you can replace it should you misplace the original. Simply click on the appropriate link below to download or print the syllabus:

Fall 2019 MW Syllabus—Section 13304

Fall 2019 TTh Syllabus—Section 13428


Office Hours:

Room 022,
Lower Library

MW from 9:00 to 9:50 a.m. and
TTh from 10:30 to10:55 a.m. and by appointment

These are the hours you can normally find me in the office (see my online schedule). If these times just don't work with your schedule, please make an appointment to talk with me, or email me.



Los Rios gmail Link


I check my email regularly, including weekends, and will do my best to respond as soon as possible. I cannot guarantee that I will always respond to an email message before that evening, but I do try to answer your email quickly. 

If you use an email service other than gmail, please go to the school gmail login and link your email address. Los Rios uses the gmail address in all correspondence with students by default, and you do not want to miss an important email message. The district gmail system is free to students, and accounts are easy to manage; just click on the link.

Email is a great way to ask questions, especially if you have a busy schedule and cannot make it to campus to talk with me in the office (face-to-face communication is often more effective, but any communication is better than none at all).

Please Note: I do NOT check email on Canvas—if you want a reply, use the school email listed on the syllabus.



Be sure that your email address is accurate the first time you log in to the Canvas site. Providing an accurate email address insures that others can contact you.